The Cocks of the Walk

Director’s Statement

The journey of The Cocks of the Walk began in 2008 when I had a desire to try and get into shape but couldn’t think of any physical activity that I found enjoyable. The only bit of accidental exercise I have ever achieved was while playing badminton in my backyard growing up. “That was fun, I’ll try that.” I thought. So, I grabbed a co-worker of mine at the time and headed over to the closest badminton court, which happened to be about an hour train ride outside Manhattan in a far away land called Flushing, Queens.

My co-worker, Carson, was 6’3 and simply towered over all the other players. Like me, he wasn’t very slim, but he did have an athletic background which yielded more grace than I had on the court, and an exponentially greater competitive spirit. While we got our asses handed to us by senior citizens and mocked by the younger players who all seemed to know each other and were able to speak freely about us in their native tongue, I got the inspiration to write The Cocks of the Walk.

Being the year of the Summer Olympics, Carson and I watched and cheered and tried to take the sport seriously. This, mixed with a love of the television show Lost, fueled the writing process and over the next couple of years a script emerged that was somewhere between a sports movie and an office comedy, with a lot of weird sci-fi storytelling devices sprinkled throughout. And of course, I needed to make this into a movie.

I consider this film my “calling card.” I took creative risks and made strong comedic choices that I believe make this film very unique. It’s too mainstream for your average indie festival, too independent for main stream distributors, but perfect for a night of intoxicated debauchery and laughs. So… the internet basically.

The cast is amazing and the movie is a lot of fun. It’s my favorite cult comedy (ya know, once we get a cult following) and I think beer-guzzling, dick-joke making, but still highly intelligent audiences will feel the same way.

Chris Caccioppoli