The Cocks of the Walk

Production Notes

An unadopted orphan trying to survive as a grown up, a sports legend who fell from grace, an agoraphobic deli employee who lives at work, and a conquered soldier seeking redemption. What the hell are these characters doing in a movie about badminton? Writer/Director, Chris Caccioppoli’s flair for the absurd was in full effect for this film, “I feel like everyone knows about the sport but no one really cares, and I wanted to make a movie about people who were really, really cared about badminton. It turns out that everyone else in the world does, just not Americans. And to me, that made the premise even funnier.”

Shot almost entirely in New York City, the film showcases the only two legitimate badminton courts in the region. “The owners of the courts were very supportive. It’s a small community of players and they were all willing to help out. One guy was ranked sixth in the world and there he was, showing off his skills in our absurd dick-joke comedy.” It is this kind of support that made the film possible. “What you are seeing isn’t us pretending a high school basketball court is a professional arena. It’s the real deal. If there were to be a tournament in New York it would take place in one of the locations we used in The Cocks of the Walk.” Additionally the film crew was welcomed into churches, office buildings, even historical sites. All of which added to production value and allowed for the small budget to stretch even further.

Like most independent films, making this movie required a lot of favors and a lot of asking nicely. The most fruitful of which was a full sponsorship from Victor, an international sporting company that provided the cast with all of their outfits and badminton equipment. “And keep in mind, these aren’t the rackets you get at the dollar store, these things are like $600-$700 a piece. It seemed like the world was ready for a badminton movie, and people were willing to help us make it a reality.”

The graciousness of the community mixed with a successful Kickstarter campaign made the project possible and the premise attracted a very talented cast, including YouTube star Lauren Francesca, Eliud Kauffman (Boardwalk Empire, Hands of Stone), Michael Tow (Unfinished Business), Christine Chang (Madam Secretary) and others.