Chimera Entertainment

Chimera Entertainment

What is Chimera Entertainment?

Chimera Entertainment is a New York based production company founded by writer/director, Chris Caccioppoli. Creatively, the company strives to bring unique subcultures and underexposed social issues to the forefront via original narratives, documentaries, and scripted series. Commercially, Chimera has worked with brands like Sony to develop captivating video content for new audiences within emerging media channels.


What does “Chimera” mean?

Aside from the founder’s childhood fascination with the mythological beast, it is the various definitions of the word “Chimera” that make it a fitting name for his company. A Chimera is a fanciful desire, an object or an idea that is inherently impossible to obtain. Caccioppoli believes that chimerical goals are what push us to the limits of creativity; the very act of trying to achieve a Chimera makes one become a better version of himself and forces him down a path of ingenuity.


How do you pronounce “Chimera?”

The word is tranliterated from the Ancient Greek word Χίμαιρα as Khímaira, and was adopted into Latin as Chimaera, but the name of the company is simply pronounced in English as kim era.