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Carson Beaufort is an overweight, unadopted orphan who grew up to be an overweight unsuccessful businessman. On her deathbed, his foster mother tells him that he is destined for greatness, from which he mistakenly derives that he is fated to be the first American-born Badminton player to win the coveted Thompson Cup. Enlisting the help of his over-sexed co-worker, Chops, the two join a local Badminton League where Carson enhances his skill and Chops pursues a series of affairs with foreign lovers.


Directed by: Chris Caccioppoli & Ben Donnollon

Written by: Chris Caccioppoli

Produced by: Kimberly Suazo & Chris Caccioppoli

Starring: David Weinheimer, Chris Caccioppoli, Michael Tow

Director of Photography: Kyle I. Kelley

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